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Joomla installation on Debian Etch

first I have created one Account for joomla useradd -m -c “user joomla” -s /bin/false -g users joomla 1. DOWNLOAD Joomla Copy   file into a directory /home/joomla # cd /home/Joomla Extract the files e.g. # unzip

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Debian Lenny start problem wit Xen 3.2.1

I try to start xen daemon tuxido:/var/log/xen# /etc/init.d/xend start Starting XEN control daemon: xend failed! I look into the xen-log: [2009-03-05 09:41:54 4478] INFO (SrvDaemon:219) Xend exited with status 1. [2009-03-05 09:42:07 4545] INFO (SrvDaemon:331) Xend Daemon started [2009-03-05 09:42:07 4545] INFO (SrvDaemon:335) Xend changeset: unavailable. [2009-03-05 09:42:07 4545] INFO (SrvDaemon:342) Xend version: Unknown. [2009-03-05 […]

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