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Joomla installation on Debian Etch

first I have created one Account for joomla useradd -m -c “user joomla” -s /bin/false -g users joomla 1. DOWNLOAD Joomla Copy   file into a directory /home/joomla # cd /home/Joomla Extract the files e.g. # unzip

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check whether a Perl module is installed

for example: check modul Mail::Mailer use the command: # perl -MMail::Mailer -e 1 echo $? You can find a version number like this: # perl -MMail::Mailer -le ‘print $Mail::Mailer::VERSION’ Is the Modul not installed! you can use perl on the command line # perl -MCPAN -e shell (or direct perl -MCPAN -e “install Mail::Mailer”) at […]

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