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Create SEA Failover

Create two virtual adapter one for SEA other for control channel $ entstat -all ent2 | grep VLAN ( set trunk priority 1 for primary and set trunk prio 2 for secondary VIO2 Server) (keep the access external network checkbox selected.) Here is an example: Invalid VLAN ID Packets: 0 Port VLAN ID:     20 VLAN […]

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Lpar Memory Configuration – Guidelines for MaxMem

Guidelines for MaxMem Don’t set MaxMem equal to total amount of server memory for each LPAR. This will waste memory with oversized HPTs. Size MaxMem approximately 25 percent larger than Desired Memory for production LPARs that might require a DLPAR memory addition. For less important LPARs, which could be shutdown for a desired memory increase, […]

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After I put the cleaning tape into library (bulk) then I execute following command checkin libvolume LIBEMI3584 cleanv status=cleaner cleanings=200 checklabel=no TSM SERVER: >checkin libvolume LIBEMI3584 cleanv status=cleaner cleanings=200 checklabel=no ANS8003I Process number 225 started. 225     CHECKIN LIBVOLUME        ANR8424I Checking in volume CLEANV in library LIBEMI3584. TSM SERVER:>reply 001 ANR8499I Command accepted. ANR8427I CHECKIN LIBVOLUME […]


Database Encryption in SQL Server 2008

activate Transparent Data Encryption unter SQL Server 2008 we connect  the database “myselim”.First we need to create  Service Master Key (SMK). Therefor  we use command  ” USE master ” in master database  and then we give these statement : 1.) CREATE MASTER KEY ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD = ‘Passwort’   2.) we need to create certificate for […]


create zip files under python

#!/usr/bin/python import os, os.path, glob, zipfile DIR=”/home/kraneis/” # change to directory os.chdir(DIR) # read a content fList=glob.glob(‘pythonbsp/test/*’) print “It exist ” + str(len(fList))+ ” files” filelist = [ fn for fn in fList if os.path.isfile(fn)] print “here are the files” print filelist z=zipfile.ZipFile(“/tmp/”,’w’,zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED) print “the methods for z objects” print [s for s in dir(z) […]


Grow the filesystem in AIX

#lspv -l hdisk hdisk2: LV NAME LPs PPs DISTRIBUTION MOUNT POINT lvusrlocal 64 64 64..00..00..00..00 /usr/local hd7.0 20 20 00..20..00..00..00 N/A hd1 1 1 00..00..01..00..00 /home hd10opt 8 8 00..00..08..00..00 /opt hd9var 8 8 00..00..08..00..00 /var hd3 16 16 00..00..16..00..00 /tmp hd5 1 1 01..00..00..00..00 N/A hd4 2 2 00..00..02..00..00 / hd2 46 46 00..00..46..00..00 […]


List files in mksysb

# listvgbackup -f /filename