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Change on the fly VIO FC mapping because of problem with Live Partition Mobility

we want move the lpar to another CEC. but we get the following error:

Migr: LPAR=nim9, Src_CEC=mars-9117-MMB-SNXXXXXX, Trgt_CEC=jupiter-9117-MMD-SNXXXXX,,
Partition migration failed with the following errors:
HSCLA27C The operation to get the physical device location for adapter U9117.MMB.06xxxxx-V2-C49 on the virtual I/O server partition VIO2 has failed.
The partition command is:
migmgr -f get_adapter -t vscsi -s U9117.MMB.XXXXXX-V2-C49 -w xxxxxxxxxxxxx -W xxxxxxxxxxxxx -d 2
The partition standard error is:

HSCL400A There was a problem running the VIOS command. HSCLA29A The RMC command issued to partition  VIO2 failed.
The partition command is:
migmgr -f get_adapter -t vscsi -s U9117.MMB.xxxxxP-V2-C49 -w xxxxxxxxxx -W xxxxxxxxxx -d 2


(0)padmin@vio2:/home/padmin$ lsmap -all -npiv -fmt : | grep “:38:”

(0)padmin@vio2:/home/padmin$ vfcmap -vadapter vfchost28 -fcp fcs1

(0)padmin@vio2:/home/padmin$ lsmap -all -npiv -fmt : | grep “:38:”