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Create SEA Failover

Create two virtual adapter one for SEA other for control channel

$ entstat -all ent2 | grep VLAN ( set trunk priority 1 for primary and set trunk prio 2 for secondary VIO2 Server) (keep the access external network checkbox selected.)

Here is an example:
Invalid VLAN ID Packets: 0
Port VLAN ID:     20
VLAN Tag IDs:  None
$ entstat -all ent3 | grep VLAN    ( For Control Channel)
Invalid VLAN ID Packets: 0
Port VLAN ID:     29
VLAN Tag IDs:  None

check the adapters on VIO:

$ lsdev -virtual | grep ent

ent2 Available Virtual I/0 Ethernet Adapter (l-lan)

ent3 Available Virtual I/0 Ethernet Adapter (l-lan)

we want to use ent2 for bridging our VLAN( SEA)  and ent3 for control channel adapter

$ entstat -all ent2 | grep Switch   ( check both virtual adapter weather they use the same virtual switch??
Switch ID: ethernet0

$ entstat -all ent3 | grep Switch
Switch ID: ethernet0

on the client LPAR –> create or edit virtual adapter VLAN ID number

# entstat -d ent0 | grep “Port VLAN ID”
Port VLAN ID:     33
It is important:

— The Control channel adapters on both VIO Server must be defined on the same VLAN.

— When we create SEA we have to specify the control channel ( ctl_chan) attribute and the high availability mode (ha_mode) attribute in command

–  We have to define first primary SEA  and then the secondary SEA on the other VIO Server

Create SEA with control channel:

$ mkvdev -sea  ent0   -vadapter ent2   -default  ent2   -defaultid 33    -attr    ctl_chan=ent3    ha_mode=auto

we have to see the output for example

ent4 Available



We have to run same Command  on the other secondary VIO2 Server

check weather SEA created or not

$ lstcpip -adapters

we have to see     ent4 Available Shared Ethernet Adapter

verify the SEA Configuration via lsmap command

$ lsmap  -all -net
SVEA   Physloc
—— ——————————————–
ent2   U8205.E6B.063DF9R-V2-C10-T1

SEA                   ent4
Backing device        ent0
Status                Available

SVEA   Physloc
—— ——————————————–
ent3   U8205.E6B.063DF9R-V2-C11-T1


check the SEA adapter:

$ entstat -all ent4 | grep “^ *State”

State: Primary      (on  the second  VIO the output  is “Backup

check the trunk adapter priority

$ entstat -all ent4 | grep Priority

Priority:1    Active: True      ( For second VIO2 prio:2 Active: false)


Here is Control channel adapter name and PVID

$ entstat -all ent4 | grep “Control Channel”

Control Channel PVID: 19

Control Channel Adapter: ent3