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Re-creating the boot logical volume on AIX

boot the system in maintenance mode

-> Access to the root Volume Group

# bosboot -ad /dev/hdiskX  (rebuild  hd5)

# Shutdown -Fr  ( important !! All changes need to be written from memory to disk.)

The bosboot command requires that boot logical volume (hd5) exists. If we lose the Boot logical Volume (BLV) then we can re-create …

here are the steps:

we boot the system in maintenance mode

1) Access  System Management Services (SMS)  to select boot device.

2) Remove the old hd5 logical volume

# rmlv hd5

3) clear the boot record at the beginning of the disk

# chpv -c hdiskX

4) Create a new hd5 logical volume

# mklv -y hd5 -t boot -a e rootvg 1    (one physical partition size)

5) execute  bosboot command

# bosboot -ad /dev/hdiskX

6) check the actual bootlist

# bootlist -m normal -o

7) Write data immediately to disk

# sync


8) Shutdown and reboot the system

# Schutdown -Fr

internal command ipl_varyon -i can give state of the boot record.

 # ipl_varyon -i

PVNAME          BOOT         DEVICE                                       PVID                                                      VOLUME GROUP ID
hdisk4                 YES                                                                00c341f22286d95c0000000000000000        00c341f200004c00
hdisk0                  NO                                                                 00c341f227932d2f0000000000000000        00f73df900004c00