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We start to define the nim clinet on the nim master.

smit nim_mkmac

Change/Show Characteristics of a Machine

Type or select values in entry fields.
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.

[Entry Fields]
Machine Name                                       [tsm6]
* Hardware Platform Type                             [chrp]                                                                             +
* Kernel to use for Network Boot                     [64]                                                                               +
Machine Type                                        standalone
Network Install Machine State                       currently running
Network Install Control State                       ready for a NIM operation
Primary Network Install Interface
Network Name                                      power7network
Host Name                                        [tsm6]
Network Adapter Hardware Address                 [0]
Network Adapter Logical Device Name              [ent]
Cable Type                                        bnc                                                                               +
Network Speed Setting                            []                                                                                 +
Network Duplex Setting                           []                                                                                 +
IPL ROM Emulation Device                           []                                                                                 +/
CPU Id                                             [00F73DF94C00]
Communication Protocol used by client              [nimsh]                                                                            +
NFS Client Reserved Ports                          []                                                                                 +
Comments                                           []

Managing System Information
LPAR Options
Identity                                       []
Management Source                              []                                                                                 +

Force                                               no                                                                                +

we can list defined client on the nim master

# lsnim -c machines
master     machines       master
tsm6       machines       standalone
vio_mars       machines       standalone
vio_saturn      machines       standalone