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crash TSM Server after restart it hangs at the initialisation of the recovery log

# dsmserv

ANR7800I DSMSERV generated at 11:47:29 on Mar 16 2009.


Tivoli Storage Manager for AIX-RS/6000

Version 5, Release 5, Level 2.1


Licensed Materials – Property of IBM



(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1990, 2007.

All rights reserved.

U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights – Use, duplication or disclosure

restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corporation.


ANR0900I Processing options file /usr/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/dsmserv.opt.

ANR7811I Using instance directory /usr/tivoli/tsm/server/bin.

ANR4726I The ICC support module has been loaded.

ANR0990I Server restart-recovery in progress.

ANR0200I Recovery log assigned capacity is 4000 megabytes.

ANR0201I Database assigned capacity is 54000 megabytes.

ANR0306I Recovery log volume mount in progress.

ANR0285I Database page shadowing started using file dbpgshdw.bdt.

ANR0353I Recovery log analysis pass in progress.

ANR0354I Recovery log redo pass in progress.

ANR0355I Recovery log undo pass in progress.

ANR0352I Transaction recovery complete.

ANR1635I The server machine GUID,

.60, has initialized.

ANR0314W Recovery log usage exceeds 90 % of its assigned capacity.

ANR2100I Activity log process has started.

ANR4726I The NAS-NDMP support module has been loaded.

ANR1794W TSM SAN discovery is disabled by options.

ANR8843E Initialization failed for 349X library LIBXXXXXXXXX – the library

will be inaccessible.

ANR0314W Recovery log usage exceeds 94 % of its assigned capacity.

ANR8453E Initialization failed for 349X library LIBXXX3494XXX.


1) the first thing kill the Server process (kill -15 <pid of dsmser> or kill -9  <pid of dsmserv>

2) extend recovery log

dsmfmt -m -log /home/lpar/p24/tsmlog/log003.dsm 2000
dsmserv extend log /home/lpar/p24/tsmlog/log003.dsm 2000

3) BAckup DB DEVclass=DUMPDEV Type=Full Wait=Yes (this make empty the recovery log)

PS: if you have no problem on TSM but you want to extend recovery log then run this command:

define logvolume /home/lpar/p24/tsmlog/log003.dsm formatsize=2000

exten log 2000

for db

define dbvolume …. … ….