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Steps for linux installation over Network

In this example we would be to install Redhat5 Linux
1.Create or download ISO image for RH5
2.Create a directory in your web root: /srv/www/linux/RH5/i386
3.Mount the DVD ISO image to the web root:
-mount -t iso9660 -o loop RH5.iso /srv/www/linux/RH5/i386
4. Test access the Directory PATH using a web browser
— Ensure that web server permits directory browsing(indexes)

5. Create boot CD-ROM using OR optionally boot with:
— first CD-ROM

6. Boot the Server with the bootable media and indicate ‘Linux askmethod’
— choose installation method ‘http’
— Http Setup:
Intallation with Kickstart:
with Kickstart
1.Automated installation
2.Scripted installation
3.We can use the script on multiple systems
we need tool “system-config-kickstart”
note: “system-config-kickstart” is not installed by default.
we wont to install system-config-kickstart
#rpm -ivh system-config-kickstart
#system-config-kickstart the file anaconda-ks.cfg and modify
2.Define partitions
3.confirm settings
4.publish the “ks-cfg” file to http server
5.Install server using the following at the main menu:
linux ks=
The following can be used the boot a kickstart installation
1.boot.iso cdrom
2.first cd-rom of the RH5 installation set
3.The DVD-ROM of the RH5 installation set
4. USB stick – diskboot.img ( use dd command)

on the network server create user for ftp
#useradd -s /bin/false -d /srv/www/linux linuxinstall
#passwd linuxinstall
check ftp account:
ftp linuxinstall@

256 “/srv/www/linux”
Reboot server with “boot.iso’ CD and tpye ‘linux askmethod’
follow installation instruction by FTP
FTP site name:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server directory: /srv/www/linux/RH5/i386

That’s all:-)